Awards & Scholarships
Next Level Dance Center is proud to offer scholarships and awards to deserving students each year. Scholarships and awards are chosen by instructor recommendations.
“Values” Scholarships
We select one dancer who best exemplifies each of our values to receive a scholarship equal to tuition for one class.

2017 Sadie Bancroft
2018 Avaea Bacchetta
2019 Jaden Shea
2020 Sarah Mann & Izzi Parrott
2021 Anna Bosman, Victoria Auerbach
2022 Giuliana Gillett, Cora Shea

2017 Ana Ladzinski
2018 Sofija Spasoski
2019 Natalie Albertson
2020 Camila De La Mora
2021 Camryn Holman
2022 Morgan Parker

2017 Nina Franzee & Sofia Heuerman
2018 Erika Long & Anna Bosman
2019 Scarlet Thompson & Parker Rafferty
2020 Bella Akkashian
2021 Isabella Badanjek & Ceci Weber
2022 Claire Latek, Sarah Miller

2017 Sara Taub
2018 Alexandra Sergakis
2019 Ella Brandenberg
2020 Tyler Hill & Ella Potter
2021 Ella Stokes & Yohaan Vinoth
2022 Aly Macmartin

2017 Sophia Potter
2018 Janie Emmert
2019 Isabella VanHemm
2020 Gianna Gottesman & Avella So
2021 Ava Andrus
2022 Marissa Gaiter
Most Improved Dancer Awards
We select a “Most Improved Dancer” based on the dancer’s level of commitment, determination, and overall improvement in dance ability.

2017 Sophia Potter
2018 Phoebe Barker
2019 Joanna Watson / Sydney Peiser
2020 Alex Wood
2021 Sloane Silver / Scarlet Thompson
2022 Thea Vinoth / Isabella Moon

2017 Kate Lyndsey
2018 Skye Newberry
2019 Ariana Dubin
2020 Avaea Bacchetta & Avella So
2021 Avery Bergman
2022 Anna Grazhdani

2020 Gaby Mendoza / Jojo Smolinski
2021 Kit Bloink / Natalie Albertson
2022 Kileigh Dunn

2017 Ella Brandenberg
2018 Tessa Said
2019 Lily Shaman
2020 Claire Latek
2021 Alex Debol
2022 Milana Crkovski

2018 Jenna Acho
2019 Jaden Shea
2020 Dina Kamal & Raya Yula
2021 Sarah Miller & Oliver Klink
2022 Mary Brush & Grace Belanger

2017 Iman Chinoy
2018 Adison Gerken
2019 Tessa Said
2020 Alicia Andrus
Excellence in Ballet Scholarships
Dancers who exemplified respect and committed to their ballet training throughout the season are awarded this scholarship by our ballet director. The scholarship covers tuition to our ballet intensive in the following summer.

Ella Debrye
Camila De La Mora
Isabela Parrott
Jaden Shea
Joanna Watson
Alexandra Wood

Avery Bergman
Kit Bloink
Gianna Gottesman
Skye Newberry
Elise Rousseau

Versatility/All Around Allstar Award
Ava Andrus
Lily Belanger
Grace Belanger
Chelsea Brooks
Morgan Brooks
Milana Crkovski
Erica Dieterle
Madelyn Doil
Gianna Gottesman
Oliver Klink
Claire Latek
Kate Lindsay
Aly Macmartin
Lucy Manson
Lailah Miller
Mckenna Molloy
Isabella Moon
Morgan Parker
Sydney Peiser
Elise Rousseau
Klara Rousseau
Sophia Seel
Sloane Silver
Lila Simpson
Joanna Watson
Ceci Weber
Dance Participation Awards
All students who attend the full dance year (September through June) receive a dance participation award the last class of the year.

National Dance Honor Society
Next Level Dance Center has been accepted as a Secondary Chapter of the National Honor Society for Dance Arts. We offer the opportunity for 9th-12th grade students to be recognized for excellence in character and dance arts by meeting the requirements for induction with us to find out more).
Through the NHSDA, NXTL seeks to ensure that dance students have every opportunity to grow and succeed as dancers and people.
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